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What Is a Clairvoyant

The literal definition of clairvoyance is ‘clear seeing’ but there is a whole lot more to the process than that. In general terms being a clairvoyant means you have a paranormal ability to obtain information about an object or event beyond the range of natural vision. However, the name is now used as a general term to refer to a range of psychic gifts, including telepathy, mediumship, second sight and psychic dreams.

A clairvoyant often has more skills than just ‘clear seeing’ because along with seeing pictures given to him by a spirit, they may also hear words from the spirit, which is known as clairaudience (clear hearing), and receive bodily sensations known as clairsentience (clear sensing).

More than 150,000 clairvoyants operating Internet-based services in the UK are now members of the British Clairvoyant Academy (BCA), which was established to promote a Code of Conduct and Ethics to assure the safe practice of clairvoyance on the Internet.

As with all forms of psychic phenomena there is a lot of controversy and disagreement within the science world about whether or not clairvoyance actually exists. But everyday thousands of people across the UK find out new information through clear seeing, clear hearing or clear sensing and the people who receive their clairvoyant readings are confident that psychic powers do exist.

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